[PATCH] Re: aic7xxx-5.0.1

Bernhard Rosenkraenzer (linux@bero-online.ml.org)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 20:29:29 +0000 (GMT)

On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Doug Ledford wrote:

> The next version of my patch is now out. First, the prelims:
> ftp.dialnet.net:/pub/linux/aic7xxx/aic7xxx-5.0.1.tar.gz
> That's about it. Give it a shot and see if it breaks :)

It is not compatible with recent Linux 2.1.x kernels...

printk.c relies on pre-2.1.57 signal handling, and uses VERIFY_WRITE
without including <asm/uaccess.h>.
pci.h doesn't know anything about new PCI-IDE devices.
Configure.help doesn't know anything about recent kernel features.
aic7xxx.c uses queue_task_irq_off, which hasn't been around for some time
(anyone remember exactly when it was removed?)

I've made a patched version (which will probably work ONLY with linux
2.1.x, sorry) available at ftp.bero-online.ml.org
/pub/linux/aic7xxx-5.0.1-linux21.tar.gz (and .bz2)

It works for me (K6-233, Linux 2.1.80pre4, AHA2940UW and P66, Linux
2.1.67, AHA2940), I haven't tested it anywhere else.


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