Re: NT vs Linux (the inevitable holy war solved!)

Pavel Machek (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 12:26:50 +0100


> > > Here's a new one... Ever heard of a bad diskette crashing a NT system?
> > > Well, it sure will... Don't that suck? I still don't believe it...
> > >
> If you have a minixfs or an older ext2fs system where users can mount corrupt
> disks you will find you can break linux that way. Also BSD boxes. Handling
> arbitarily misformed disks isnt easy in any OS.

Can second that, whole linux will crash on bad disk. (I learned that
with nbd, readonly on error will not help).

But BTW there are systems safe to this. Anything build on u-kernel in
good way (VSTa) is likely to survive such things. I've seen VSTA
running after its / filesystem crashed. It just kills filesystem
driver and continues.

> Now the win95 trick of leaving autostarting win95 cd's around labelled PORN
> which autostart a disk format are a much better example of poor design thinking


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