Re: Goofy file dates with smbfs

Eloy A. Paris (
21 Jan 1998 23:00:12 GMT

Hi Bill,

Bill Hawes <> wrote:

: I'll take a look at this ... I haven't heard of any timestamp problems
: with older Samba servers, but maybe something has changed.

Oh no, this is not an old Samba server, it's the latest stable release
from the Samba team (1.9.18p1).

I did not say in my first message that all the files in my home
directory got incorrect dates (all screwed up). I had to do "find . |
xargs touch" to bring the dates back to a resonable date (today's).

: What mount flags did you use for the Win 95 share? You need to tell
: smbfs that it's a Win 95 server to work around the bugs. Please check
: the smbfs.txt file in Documentation.

I did not use any. Right now my kernel is compiled with
CONFIG_SMB_WIN95=y, and when the share is mounted I see this message
from the kernel:

SMBFS: Win 95 bug fixes enabled
smb_newconn: state valid, pid=135

This always happens. Probably this is the problem, right? I mean, I
guess I should compile the kernel without CONFIG_SMB_WIN95 and try

Please don't waste your time trying to fix this until I recompile my
kernel, try again and report how it went.

Bye for now.



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