Re: Tracking Solution
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 18:01:21 -0800

>Subject: Re: Tracking Solution
>We’re trying to increase productivity and provide better service to
>our customers. What’s a good software package to track development
>activities and customer/technical support? Preferably, a web enabled
>product because our users are on multiple platforms and we want our
>customers to have access to the database.
>I appreciate your response.

Soffront’s TRACK & TRACKWeb are flexible enterprise wide solutions for your development tracking and customer/technical support needs. TRACK installs in minutes, is customizable to meet all your data entry needs, supports industry standard SQL servers, has powerful querying and reporting features, plus many more added-value features. TRACKWeb provides an intuitive browser interface for submission of new requests, access to graphical or text reports, and allows for querying of information from the TRACK database.

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