2.1.79 failure on alpha PC164

Stephen Williams (steve@icarus.icarus.com)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 20:47:47 -0800

With an AIC7xxx SCSI board, de450 and 3c509 ethernet boards and various
SCSI disks, the 2.1.79 kernel I compiled doesn't boot.

I am using the pristine kernel sources with ARCH = alpha and SMP undefined.
I applied the devfs-0.10 patches.

MILO unzips the kernel into memory, then reboots back into MILO. It
barely has time to say anything.

Funny, I have the same troubles with kernels compiled from the redhat
kernel-source rpm. However, the 2.0.32 kernel with the alpha-patches
works just fine for me.

Oh yeah, I'm running RedHat 5.0, which includes gcc-

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