Re: kmod, the kerneld replacement

Marcin Dalecki (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 10:15:30 -0700

Kirk Petersen wrote:
> > This is a GOOD thing! Tough admittedly any way of calling some user
> > programs from kernel isn't pretty at it, this is at least *far less*
> > ugly then the currently used IPC f*ckup.
> Thanks. I agree with you completely. I think SysV IPC is f*cked up
> in general.
> > Did You even know that thereis something like support for explicitly
> > called console screen savers in the current kerneld implementation!
> Yep, I noticed that in my adventures with kerneld. At first, I
> thought I would have to replace all those, but then I realized that
> nobody uses it :) And considering that we couldn't find many
> applications that use SysV IPC (kernel was the only one we found :),
> we thought it was very important to be able to say N or M to it.
Myebe there are some exceptions IPC shared memory is used by hdparm and
X11 servers im no networking mode (esp. server and clients run on the
same local machine, which doesn't have TCP/IP in kernel). But this is
mainly due to the leak of MAP_SHARED flag to mmap in Linux...

Despite of this:

I instaled the kmod patch yerstoday on my PLB (personal linux box)
It works flawlessly...

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