Re: [PATCH] Re: aic7xxx-5.0.1

Doug Ledford (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 12:36:12 -0600 (CST)

On 22-Jan-98 David Woodhouse wrote:
> said:
>> I've made a patched version (which will probably work ONLY with linux
>> 2.1.x, sorry) available at /pub/linux/
>> aic7xxx-5.0.1-linux21.tar.gz (and .bz2)
>> It works for me (K6-233, Linux 2.1.80pre4, AHA2940UW and P66, Linux
>> 2.1.67, AHA2940), I haven't tested it anywhere else.
>Success here, too, on 2.1.80-SMP with an AHA2940UW and a brace of P200s
>It's been up for about three hours now, and seems happy enough. I can even
>the scanner program without causing the whole thing to come crashing down
>around my ears :)
>One for 2.1.81, now we seem to have utterly given up on the idea of a

I wouldn't jump the gun too quickly here guys :) After all, do keep in mind
that the official aic7xxx maintainer is Dan Eischen and that my patches are
unofficial. Secondly, I'm probably going to be releasing the 5.0.2 patch
sometime today :) This code has only been up and running for about a week
and a half now, it's not what I would call mature and stable yet, even for
the 2.1.x kernel series :)

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Date: 22-Jan-98
Time: 12:36:14