Re: screwy kernel messages about (AF_INET,SOCK_PACKET,..) being obsolete

Shaw Carruthers (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 18:31:52 +0000 (GMT)

Excerpts from mail: 22-Jan-98 Re: screwy kernel messages .. (412*)

> > I have been looking at it in the context of Diald.
> >
> > This does not seem to be an exact substitute for (AF_INET,SOCK_PACKET,..)
> > 1) It does not support ioctl(..., SIOCGIFADDR.\

> That will be a bug then

> This can be worked round by using SOCK_DGRAM for ioctl

> > 2) Diald uses select to watch for input on the proxy port when the link
> > is down.
> > With SOCK_PACKET incoming packets trigger the select; with SOCK_RAW,
> > they don't.

> That would also be a bug

Your comments prompted me to look at this again , and in fact the select
is triggered, so there is no bug there.
But the packet length is 14 bytes more which I think causes the filter
> matching rules to misfire.

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