Re: Bugfix (?) for bttv [PATCH]

Eberhard Burr (
22 Jan 1998 22:12:53 +0100

Richard Guenther <> writes:

> Lockups (during normal usage of xawtv) happen usually at channel-switch
> time.

just to throw my pennies in: to get the bttv driver to run at all, I
had to switch my board (VIA Chipset, el-cheapo) down to 60MHz
(from66). So my guessing was that the Booktree chip sometimes fails to
read the adress, where the picture data should be written to. Now, I
only have crashes during heavy disc activity (NCR - SCSI) and (more
likely) when large windows pop up. Switching the turbo-switch to low
gives some more stability. (around one crash a day to remind me,
there's more in life than watching TV while reading news :-))
Later this year (feb. or so) I will replace my mixed 60/70ns fast-page
RAM by some SDRAM to see if RAM-timing is critical...


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