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Thu, 22 Jan 1998 18:52:29 -0500 (EST)

Hello, Linux-Kernel... I'm sorry about the longish offtopic post (that many
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Date: Thu, 22 Jan 1998 15:43:27 -0500 (EST)
Subject: Netscape Client is Free; Source Code to Go Public - DevEdge News Special Bulletin


Today Netscape unveiled several announcements regarding our
client software and development direction. Because our developers
are so vital to our success, I wanted to make sure you all were among
the first to know. Therefore, we're sending you this special edition
of DevEdge News which tells you about our plans to make Netscape
Communicator source code and client software free, an unlimited
distribution policy, and what this means for existing customers. I think
you'll find these developments as exciting as we do in bringing us all
to the next level of Internet software development.
-- Sincerely,
Marc Andreessen
Co-founder and Executive VP of Products

Netscape DevEdge News Special Bulletin
An alert for the Netscape developer community
January 22, 1998

* Netscape To Make Source Code and Internet Client Free
* Netscape Everywhere -- Unlimited Distribution of the Client
* Promotional Offers for Existing Customers

Netscape announced today that before the end of the first quarter of
1998, it will make its source code for Netscape Communicator 5.0
freely available on the Internet and that effective immediately its
world-class Internet client is free.

This bold move enables Netscape to draw from the creative power of
thousands of programmers on the Internet by incorporating their best
enhancements into future versions of Netscape’s software. This strategy
is designed to accelerate development and free distribution of future
high-quality versions of Netscape Communicator to business customers and
individuals, further seeding the market for Netscape’s enterprise solutions
and Netcenter business.

Availability of source code will start with the first developer
pre-release of Communicator 5.0 expected by late March. Netscape intends
to host the source code licensing on its web site and create a premiere
place on the web for the developer community to post their enhancements,
engage in discussion and receive support as they greatly accelerate
development of a world-class Internet client.

Effective immediately, the Netscape client is available for free on
the Netscape web site. Netscape Communicator Pro, with its expanded
features, will be sold, but at a reduced price. The move to a free client
makes it easier for individuals and enterprise customers to choose
Netscape solutions plus online services offered within Netcenter.

More about this announcement is available in a press release at:

Netscape Navigator standard edition and Netscape Communicator are
available from the Netscape home page where there are easy instructions
for downloading at: For a nominal fee,
CD versions can also be ordered through the download site or by
calling personal sales at 650-937-3777.

In conjunction with today’s free client announcement, Netscape introduced
a new program for those interested in distributing, bundling or customizing
Netscape client software. Netscape Everywhere ­ Unlimited Distribution
creates new opportunities for third-party web sites, Internet service providers,
independent software vendors, and OEMs. The program is designed to broadly
distribute Netscape Navigator and Communicator to millions of new users.
For developers it is a means of providing a choice of client to customers
as well as a complete web solution.

-Unlimited Distribution
A simple on-line agreement allows third-parties to download multiple versions,
including localized versions made generally available by Netscape, of
Communicator and Navigator. Details about this program will be available
January 23.

- Unlimited Distribution Custom
In addition to the standard plan, Netscape plans to allow qualified third parties
a the program will allow qualified third-parties the option to create
a customized version of the Netscape client so third parties can add
their logo, add bookmarks, toolbar bookmarks, or change the default
home page. Unlimited Distribution Custom will provide the guidelines, tools,
support options and the professional service components necessary for partners
to create and distribute customized versions of Netscape client software to
their customers and prospects. For more on Unlimited Distribution see today's
press release at:
Also, be sure to check DevEdge Online tomorrow for details about
participating in the standard program.

Recognizing the investment existing customers have made in Netscape
client software, Netscape is extending several promotional offers to
individuals and corporate customers on additional products and services.
Select customers will have an opportunity to purchase at special prices
Netscape’s high-end software products and subscriptions including:
Netscape Communicator Professional Edition, Netscape SuiteSpot server
products or Netscape SuiteSpot Hosting Edition.

For more information see:
A Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) has been posted to help answer
additional questions you may have about Netscape’s announcements at: