Mailing Programs / Scripts

Elmo Recio (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 19:58:39 -0500

I am seeming to have troble with the mailing daemon on my LINUX box. I cannot
configure the mdaemon. Basically all I am trying to do is have my mail forwarded
to my box. But am on a PPP connection. So my IP address changes. I was wondering
if there was a mailing program out there that would retrieve the mail from other
POP3 accounts and drop them into your local mailbox... and the same program that
would take the mail written by "MAIL" or "ELM" and use an external SMTP server
to send the mail.
I really don't _have_ to have the mail comming to my box... all i want is to be
able to access it remotely... I downloaded SENDMAIL and have ELM installed. ANd
also downloaded this program called GETPOP3 which get the mail from a foreign
pop3 account and dumps it in the local mail spool directory. This would be kewl
except that it complains at the fact that SENDMAIL isn't configured correctly. I
don't care if I cannot SEND mail out from _my_ box... alls I want to do is
access another mail box on a foreign systemn and get my mail. (Like most
standard mailing programs for non-LINUX apps [ie OUTLOOK EXPRESS]. )

PS If there is a script that would do that clue me in too thanks...
PPS PSE reply via email: