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Thomas Heide Clausen (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 22:26:51 +0100 (CET)


I am not sure, that I see your problem. You want to acces email
on a forigin mailserver. Why don't you configure your client do
do that? Most (all - in fact) mail clients I know of have the
ability to get mail from either one or both of the protocols
pop3 and imap: you simply specify the IP (or host name) on your
forigin mailserver in the "pop3-host"-field (or whatever it is
called in your favourite mail program). The same
thing you can do when sending mail. Here you want to fill out the
"SMTP-server" field.

That is standard behaviour of allmost all mail programs (Except
a few, who has not discovered that /var/spool/mail is not a good

A few programs (I think including Mail) requires sendmail to be
running on localhost. But I have for managed to avoid that
when using my laptop (thus different IP's depending on where I

A neat directory over mail clients are btw. avaliable at My own favourites include pine, xfmail and ml.

Summarizing: Setting up a huge framework with sendmail,
fetchmail and local spool would be (imho) overkill.


- --thomas

On 23-Jan-98 Elmo Recio wrote:
> I am seeming to have troble with the mailing daemon on my
> LINUX box. I cannot
> configure the mdaemon. Basically all I am trying to do is have
> my mail forwarded
> to my box. But am on a PPP connection. So my IP address
> changes. I was wondering
> if there was a mailing program out there that would retrieve
> the mail from other
> POP3 accounts and drop them into your local mailbox... and the
> same program that
> would take the mail written by "MAIL" or "ELM" and use an
> external SMTP server
> to send the mail.
> I really don't _have_ to have the mail comming to my box...
> all i want is to be
> able to access it remotely... I downloaded SENDMAIL and have
> ELM installed. ANd
> also downloaded this program called GETPOP3 which get the mail
> from a foreign
> pop3 account and dumps it in the local mail spool directory.
> This would be kewl
> except that it complains at the fact that SENDMAIL isn't
> configured correctly. I
> don't care if I cannot SEND mail out from _my_ box... alls I
> want to do is
> access another mail box on a foreign systemn and get my mail.
> (Like most
> standard mailing programs for non-LINUX apps [ie OUTLOOK
> Cheers,
> ELmo
> PS If there is a script that would do that clue me in too
> thanks...
> PPS PSE reply via email:

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