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Perry Harrington (
Thu, 22 Jan 1998 21:32:33 -0800 (PST)

> Matthew Kirkwood wrote:
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> > On Thu, 22 Jan 1998, Perry Harrington wrote:
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> > > Yes, finally no more unsupported browser :)
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> > Surely you mean "now we get an officially unsupported browser" :-)
> On the contrary. It has been nigh-on-impossible to get bugs fixed
> in the AWT stuff in the Java part of Communicator 4. We (one corner
> of HP Australia) have had great problems with this.
> Now we can get them fixed.
> If being able to get bugs fixed equates to having support, then
> this latest move makes Netscape _more_ supported than it was before.
> My question now is, how do we ensure that the Netscape client is
> managed in "bazaar" fashion? (See

I don't know much about CVS archives, but simply NFS exporting the source
tree, read only, sounds doable. Obviously there would be the need for an
archive maintainer that would apply patches, and send patch clusters to
Netscape on a perodic basis.

>From what I've read, Netscape wants developers to submit their patches to
them, as part of getting the code. After all, Navigator is based off of
Mosaic code (read the copyrights), and the Mosaic team must have SOME
nostalgia feelings and inherent clue about group project management, and
the inherent quality boost due to the wide variety of platforms. Also,
the Netscape client contains a fair amount of code in common with the
Netscape servers, that I'm confident about.

I also just remembered that we can get that stupid NLS bug fixed because
they linked against ancient Motif libraries!

This is also a coup for non-X developers to get a high profile application
running on THEIR windowing system (am I the ONLY one who thinks that a
major sore point about X and any derivatives is the complexity of having to
build the entire object management and user interface semantics into the client,
and not the server, where they belong....rant...tangent, etc :).

Just think, Netscape has now turned their product over to a development
team of 5 million, I think that any bugs to be fixed will be. I'm waiting
for the "Bill" hack that has modified pictures of Bill Gates for various
things. Hmm, perhaps a easter egg will sneak into the
Netscape sources.... :)

> Mitch.


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