bind no longer working?

Pierfrancesco Caci (
23 Jan 1998 07:58:25 +0100

Hi all, after 25 days absence, I upgraded from 2.1.76 to 2.1.80 and
found that something has changed that breaks name resolution. Here's
the error message I get:

Jan 22 09:06:43 penny named[138]: starting. named 4.9.5-REL Mon Apr 28 20:39:58
MET DST 1997 ^Iroot@frigg:/debian/bind/bind-4.9.5/named
Jan 22 09:06:43 penny named[138]: get interface configuration: Invalid argument
- exiting

Please tell me what I missed about this in my long absence. Also
please note that I'll leave again on tuesday so please (again :-) send
a CC of your answer to my e-mail address, not only to the list. Thank you



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