Flashdisk, M-Systems, Devicedriver, TrueFFS, Booting

Jochen Dolze (dolze@schuler.de)
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 12:16:08 +0100 (CET)


i have a M-Systems Flashdisk PCD-896 (ISA) with 4 MB. With an
BIOS-Extension and TrueFFS it's possible to access the disk
like an normal harddisk (realtime stuff under DOS)...

I like to boot a very small linux from that Flashdisk into RAM. But after
switching to protected-mode i need a kernel-driver, or?

I searched for a kernel-driver for this hardware, but i didn't found any.
But in devices.txt i found this:

31 block ROM/flash memory card
0 = /dev/rom0 First ROM card (rw)
7 = /dev/rom7 Eighth ROM card (rw)
8 = /dev/rrom0 First ROM card (ro)
15 = /dev/rrom7 Eighth ROM card (ro)
16 = /dev/flash0 First flash memory card (rw)
23 = /dev/flash7 Eighth flash memory card (rw)
24 = /dev/rflash0 First flash memory card (ro)
31 = /dev/rflash7 Eighth flash memory card (ro)

The read-write (rw) devices support back-caching
written data in RAM, as well as writing to flash RAM
devices. The read-only devices (ro) support reading

90 char Memory Technology Device (RAM, ROM, Flash)
0 = /dev/mtd0 First MTD (rw)
1 = /dev/mtdr0 First MTD (ro)
30 = /dev/mtd15 16th MTD (rw)
31 = /dev/mtdr15 16th MTD (ro)

But where can i get informations about these drivers??? The statement in
devices.txt "I do not have any information about these devices beyond
what appears on this list. Any such information requests will be deleted
without reply." isn't very helpful!

Is there a list with device-driver projects?

Thanks for any help!


Jochen Dolze