Re: Tree based scheduling

Janos Farkas (Janos.Farkas-nouce/
Fri, 23 Jan 1998 13:32:04 +0100

On 1998-01-23 at 09:05:57, Rauli Ruohonen wrote:
> This scheduling scheme would need new user-space priority setting
> utilities so users could renice them either globally or just relative
> to his/her own processes. The normal nice/renice scheme should of
> course work, and it would probably just do the user-specific
> renicing.

Not necessarily new setting tools, but new levels of levels. So, the
priority could contain a priority group, "above" the priority:

- .. (realtime, or similar?)
- system (programs competing for cpu among the system, before users)
- user (in this group, priority is relative to programs run be the
same user)
- batch (after users).

Of course mortals should only be allowed to decrease their priority and
priority level also.

This is a bit gross, someone probably should brainstorm a bit about
schedulers, scheduler types, and realtime priorities to make them easy
to handle and understand. Possibly with a cute auto-adjust to detect
"interactive" programs doing much terminal IO, and batch programs doing
only disk I/O. (Watching out for X clients not having terminals...)

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