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Fri, 23 Jan 1998 14:35:18 -0800

Telephone Game! David Woodhouse said (on 03:40 AM 1/23/98 +0000):
->As an aside, I tend to find that I learn virtually nothing from
sitting down
->and reading source code. I do, however, learn a great deal by tracing
->code in an attempt to examine a particular execution path in detail.

Have question:
Is there a tool to browse one's way thru the kernel source (or
any source)? Like getting to the code for the VFS chmod and then
following the like to the FS specific chmod...etc...etc? I always
hated having to less,copy,grep,less...etc... to figure out where it goes.

Maybe there is just a better way?

an ex-solaris source code reader,

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