2.1.10{1,2}: Ugh at c01115ad

Andreas Steffan (deas@dont.spam.me.uni-hamburg.de)
16 May 1998 16:04:32 +0200


I'm new to this list, so please forgive me if this one is known
I keep getting messages like this:

May 14 21:24:22 mortimer kernel: Ugh at c01115ad

with 2.1.101 and 2.1.102. I'm not quite sure, but from looking at
System.map, it seems it has something to do with do_page_fault:

c0111544 T do_page_fault
c0111920 t remap_area_pages

Am I missing somthing, or is this a bug ?


Regards Andreas

PS: linux-2.1.10{1,2},glibc-2.0.6,gcc-2.8.1

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