Re: The Masses Have Spoken on the Boot Logo Topic :)

Mike A. Harris (
Sat, 16 May 1998 10:37:05 -0400 (EDT)

On Fri, 15 May 1998, Phil's Kernel Account wrote:

> #Rather slim, your 131-people masses ;-)
> Well, this is like, half an hour into the poll. Here's the up to date one.
> Logo by Default [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 613 / 37%
> No Logo by Default [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 346 / 21%
> Just Leave it Alone [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 227 / 13%
> Who Cares? [INLINE] [INLINE] [INLINE] 440 / 27%
> Over 900 people enough mass for you? :)

I think such a poll is misleading since without the poll, the
kernel stays the same. Lets assume that the poll COULD change

1) People who want change (and the logo) are more likely to vote.
2) People who don't want change and/or don't care about the poll
or the thread are less likely to vote.

Considering the multitude of people using Linux, and also the
multitude of people on this mailing list, I think that no matter
what happens to such a poll - is moot.

At a bare MINIMUM, to be even remotely fair, you'd have to
acquire the list of everyone on the kernel mailing list, then
everyone who doesn't vote counts as a "Who cares". Who cares
should be expanded to include people that just don't want to
waste their time voting or continuing this thread.

I haven't voted, nor do I plan on doing so. The vote is moot.
Ultimately - regardless of vote, to get such a logo into the
kernel in any way shape or form, someone needs to produce the
code to do so, and submit it to Linus.

I haven't seen any such code yet. If the code ever becomes a
reality, and doesn't mess with the kernel much, doesn't bloat it,
and provides something useful, I'm sure Linux will add it. It
would of course be an OPTION in the menuconfig that would default
to OFF (to please the masses).

I personally would like to see such a patch, just for fun, but if
Linux never gets such a patch, I could care less. Kernel boot is
about 5 seconds on my machine, and after that, I'm running
programs and don't much care about any splash screens.

Assuming that someone does code such a beast, and that it
eventually does make it to the kernel tree, I'll put dollars to
donuts that that isn't enough. Next someone will want a neat
opening sound effect "piano-roll", perhaps
/dos/c/windows/chord.wav would be nice? ;o)

I'd much rather see someone spend time developing a driver for my
HP-7100 than an opening screen.

Thats my $0.05

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