Linux-2.1.102 hang - (ide-scsi or sr modules?)

Itai Nahshon (
Sun, 17 May 1998 04:13:46 +0300

I had a hang situation twice while trying to verify a disk
with xcdroast-0.96d. It was witn X11 running so I could not
see any console messages. While hanging the ide-led was on and
the network card did not respond, it lloks like interrupts were

The (ATAPI) cdrom was accessed as /dev/sr0 using ide-scsi
emulation and compared to a disk file.

Repeating the same operation from the console did not hang
but I got a bad-media error message.

Linux-2.1.101 hung immadiately whan I load ide-scsi. That
is fixed in 2.1.102.

I compile the kernels as SMP (default).


Itai Nahshon

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