Re: getmsg & putmsg

Andi Kleen (
17 May 1998 04:40:28 +0200

Gerard Roudier <> writes:

> On Wed, 13 May 1998, Larry McVoy wrote:
> > Look, if you love STREAMS so much, then go make it work in the kernel.
> > Come back with a system that is less lines of code, works faster (both
> > bandwidth and latency), and is easier to use. Until you can do that,
> > nobody will take your seriously. I sure don't.
> I donnot love STREAMS at all and I just shit on them.
> I did write all kind of sockets and STREAMS based application programs
> and resusable softwares that are actually incorporated into several
> product at the Company I work, and not only for UNIX systems.
> I do know the silliness of STREAMS, but have to use them when the only
> other solution are sockets crappily emulated on STREAMS, or when the
> only available interface is STREAMS.
> I always use _native_ services instead of shitty emulations.
> If the subject had been to claim that raw devices or any other really
> used facility asked by users will never be incorporated in Linux,
> I would have complained the same way.

iBCS has happily lived for years as a separately distributed subsystem.
PCMCIA has too. So why can't LiS too?

I know that the current distribution of LiS is a bit unfortunate. It is
distributed as a gigant patch set that adds lots of new files, but has
actually only a few changes to existing files. I think it would be nice
to add the necessary hooks into the standard kernel so that LiS can be
compiled separately and insmod'ed without any kernel patches.

Then those who want STREAMS can dowload and use it, and the other people
don't have to worry about it. The only core patch that seems to be needed
for 2.2 are syscall slot reservations for getmsg/putmsg [the poll
implementation from 2.0 LiS is not needed because 2.1 already has poll]

Linus, would you accept a patch to reserve getpmsg()/putpmsg() syscall
slots? (similar like the AFS syscall). Then LiS could be plug into 2.2
easily by those who want it, and others don't have to worry.


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