Re: 2.1.102 - Menuconfig is broken

Anthony Barbachan (
Sun, 17 May 1998 01:46:13 -0400

Hello Michael,

Well there's C++ too, and you should be able to organize the logic
easily with that. Perl also has something called miniperl, which if I
remember what it does correctly, might take care of the lack of Perl on some
systems. By the way I have yet to see a Linux system lacking Perl, except
for some single purpose ones which I have setup from time to time with 40 MB

- A. Barbachan

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From: Michael Elizabeth Chastain <>
To: <>; <>
Date: Sunday, May 17, 1998 12:06 AM
Subject: Re: 2.1.102 - Menuconfig is broken

>Hi Anthony,
>Yeah, I'm staring at the wall right now deciding what language to use.
>In 2.3 I'm going to replace the whole bloody script, and xconfig and
>config too, with a unified C program. But that's not on for now.
>awk doesn't have the error handling I need; perl is not guaranteed
>to be on the user's system; and writing it in C obscures the logic.

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