Re: 2.0.34pre breaks my system badly

SL Baur (
17 May 1998 01:26:15 -0700

>> How about including Takashi Iwai's driver for the Sound Blaster AWE 32? I
>> can't vouch for the usability of the recent versions, but the current one
>> is at:

I have a PNP AWE 64 Gold sound card. I've been using 0.4.2c for many
months now. I've been using previous versions since last September on
various 2.0 kernels. I listen to realaudio several hours a day on
weekdays and I've *never* had a crash. It's good stuff, IMO.

The only problem I had was when Linux 2.0.32 managed to stay up more
than a month and I started getting stuff like:

Mar 22 01:08:59 altair kernel: Sound error: Couldn't allocate DMA buffer

I think that's due to the memory fragmentation problems folks have
been working so hard to fix and shouldn't be held against the sound

Alan Cox <> writes:

> I've actually not touched sound at all, mostly because every new
> version of OSS lite that Hannu has done for 2.0.x has had some
> weird bugs. Initially I thought it must be Hannu but since I've
> started hacking the sound code I feel a great deal of sympathy for
> the man. SB clones are worse and weirder than NE2000 clones.

> If you want to do upgrade your sound its probably best to get both
> the awedrv and the current OSS 3.8 for 2.0.x and see how they go for
> you. If they work for your combination they are way better than the
> 2.0 sound code. If not well diff -R ;)

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