Re: some tiny and dumb questions

Ivan R. Judson (
Sun, 17 May 1998 08:36:07 -0500

Hey Thomas,

I don't know much about the current trend/direction of the kernel myself,
so let me just tell you what I've done. This is as much a *it works for my
xxxxx machine* as anything else.

I've got a few machines configured the following way:

TYAN S1692DL LX Dual PII Motherboard
2 Maxtor DM85120A/S 5.2 GB EIDE (10ms 256K 5400RPM)
256M 168pin SDRAM
Diamond Fire GL Pro 1000 AGP w/8M
Teac 32X IDE CDRom

And, I've got the kernel sources labeled linux-2.1.101 from
and it's happily running, seeing both CPU's.

Now, to answer your question
about rtc, etc.

I have applied and debugged the KURT patches for this
configuration, and they run reasonably happily. It's taken alot of work
#ifdef'ing stuff that have to do with linux/time.h, etc.

What I'm
wondering is if any of the folks from Kansas can say definitively if they
are going to put the effort into making this 'real'. That is, either,

they can take my stuff and make it theirs (and we all share it)
2) they can
say I can take this and run with it and we try and integrate it into the
kernel stuff for 2..x.y.

What are your thoughts and ideas? Linus, what
are the plans for anymore real-time work for the kernel?


PS --
Something I'd like to understand better is the relationship between kmod
and kerneld (and kerneld and modutils). What set of tools should I be
working with.

PPS -- If anyone has pointers to some fairly generic ISA
driver code, I think I've been tasked with writing one (of if anyone wants
access to the above machine to write it for me, I'd be happy to try and
work something out :-) The ISA card is

At 03:57 PM 5/17/98 +0200, Thomas 'Dent' Mirlacher wrote:
>Hi there,
>so i have a couple of questions,
> 1) how can someone read a file out from kernel-space
> assume you've a module, getting its config data from
> a file in userspace, and i'd like to use sysctl to
> specify this file - but the module should read it
> -> downloading a formware release to a card
> 2) which is the most elegant way to get some additional
> snmp info from a module (so snmp works via /proc/*)
> but i have some additional parameters which should
> be read/written via snmp (like frequency ...)
> 3) are there any plans for putting the utime patch into the
> kernel / any ongoing work for making the /dev/rtc
> shareable between multiple applications
> (for exaple implementing rate control - the shaper
> isn't sufficient for our purbose - the rate is too
> slow)
> tnx for your help
> ++dent
>PS: sorry for those stupid questions ;)
>Thomas Mirlacher Student of ComputerScience, University of Salzburg
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