Re: (Off-Topic) AIX Behaviour?

Harald Milz (
Sun, 17 May 98 17:02 CEST

Lauri Tischler ( wrote:
> >
> > Is there a way to get Linux to act more like AIX? And more importantly, is
> > there a way to get AIX stuff to run on Linux? Thanks.

Sourcecodewise, yes. I started learning to administer Unix on my Linux
machine at home and soon started to operate an RS/6000 Mod. 355 (used to be in the early days BTW) soon after that. I cannot count how many
packages I took from sunsite and compiled and ran on AIX.

> Hmmm.. is there a port of Linux to RS6000 F50 ?? 8)

Not yet. It only runs on CHRP compatible boxes, and the SMP F50 is far from

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