affs weirdness

Johnny Tevessen (
17 May 1998 15:22:00 +0200


2.0.33, the affs began acting funny after I trashed the bitmap
of one of my partitions a little (it's not really corrupt,
the partition just needs a validation). Now, when one of the
both "broken" partitions is mounted with "rw" option, the
affs says that the bitmap is invalid and that the partition
will be mounted read-only. Well.. after that, a simple
"mount" shows me a "rw" in the listing. And then again,
when I want to change something on that partition, me is
said that it is write-protected.

Maybe affs forgets to say: "Hey, mount, I told the user that
I can only access this read-only. Now, since I'm a nice
little module and had a fancy piece of sleep tonite, I will
tell you the same." ?

Oh, yes, and here's one partition that has a different ID
(DOSTYPE) in bootblock/rootblock/RDB (dunno exactly, but
there are at least two places where this is stored). Mount
refuses to mount because it does not know one of the IDs
(the partition is of type FFS-INTL, 'DOS\3').

Any chance to force mounting?


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