Re: To the intolerent

Paul (
Sat, 16 May 1998 12:29:12 +0000

I would like to apologize for the rude behavior of some of the folks
that subscribe and post to linux-kernel. Please note that most of us are
really friendly folk. It is unfortunate that these rude folks insist on
flaming anyone who they feel like. But there is not much that we can do
about it except to forget about it and drive on. I hope that you have
better experience with people who run linux in the future. We all had
to start sometime, we all had to read the howtos, and we all have gotten
flamed for posting something off topic. Please do not take this
personally, and please do not discredit the validity of linux as a great
operating system based upon the rudeness of some of it's users.

Thank you for your time.
~Paul Laufer

Enki wrote:
> Ok So I should have sent My prog Q's to Linux newbie fine
> But I wanted an answer from some one who programs
> not some one who will give you a bullshit answer pulled out
> their asses.
> Yes I could have asked on one of the news groups but
> the news server that my ISP uses is nearly always full
> or down. He uses NetBSD I think I've talked him into at
> least puting linux on the DNS but with people being so rude
> in the Linux community I don't know.

One OS to rule them all,          |"Wasting somebodies time strikes
    One OS to find them,          | me as the height of rudeness" -B.G.
One OS to bring them all,         | I'll remember that whenever I see
    And in the darkness bind them.| someone rebooting windows . . .

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