Re: Problem with "make menuconfig" and "make xconfig"

Michael Elizabeth Chastain (
Sun, 17 May 1998 22:02:59 -0500

Hi Horst,

> Note that this will only work on Bourne shell clones. A csh(1) clone needs
> '>&' instead of '&>', and the above just won't work. Clearly, to use csh(1)
> or tcsh(1) as sh(1) is very broken... perhaps the Makefiles have to make
> sure somewhere that sh(1) (or a Bourne shell clone) is being used?

You are right. Gnu make does this.

Gnu Make says this in 'info make':

Users use many different shell programs, but commands in makefiles
are always interpreted by `/bin/sh' unless the makefile specifies

and later on:

Unlike most variables, the variable `SHELL' is never set from the
environment. This is because the `SHELL' environment variable is used
to specify your personal choice of shell program for interactive use.
It would be very bad for personal choices like this to affect the
functioning of makefiles.

> BTW, as from binutils- doesn't write to stderr when asked for
> its --version, just checked here (i586), and I believe you should be
> using that one anyway, so the &>, >&, 2>&1 bussiness is moot?

It's not moot because some other versions do write to stderr,
and the point of the script is to distinguish between all the


Michael Chastain
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