Re: pre-2.1.100-1: can't log in, ftpd trouble, and unresolved symbols

Trevor Johnson (
Sun, 17 May 1998 23:12:37 -0700 (PDT)

> Sounds like you're running into the same problems I am. Did you also have
> problems with 2.1.99? (That was the first kernel where I hit this
> problem)

I've seen the problem with 2.1.99, pre-2.1.100-1, and 2.1.102. On the
system where I was running 2.1.99, the problem didn't appear right away:
it only occurred after I had a mishap while trying to update libc, and
copied some files from /lib on my home computer (the other afflicted
system) to correct the troubles with the libraries. When I updated
to version 1.9.8, the problem disappeared. Now the 2.1.101 kernel is
running on that system, and the problem has not reappeared. On my home
computer, I also updated to 1.9.8, yet when I boot the 2.1.102
kernel, I consistently have the problem. I do not have it when booting

> I haven't been able to isolate it either... if I run a small C
> program that calls setuid() to jump to a valid uid and then calls
> /bin/bash, I get a user shell, but I still can't go through login.

Doing "su trevor" didn't work for me on either system. I'd be happy to
try your test program.

> BTW... what compiler are you using? GCC 2.8.x or EGCS? I'm gonna try GCC
> and see what I get...

My home computer has gcc 2.8.1; the other (based on Red Hat 4.8)
has gcc Both systems are using glibc 2.0.5 and the shadow suite.
The Red Hat one has PAM too, of course.

One other person who had similar problems found that he had changed the
permissions on / to 700 or somesuch. They are set to 755 on both the
systems where I've had the problem.
Trevor Johnson

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