Re: kernel profiling in 2.1 ?
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:29:49 +0200 (MET DST)

> > > Now to my problem with the sluggishness of my machine. I realized, that
> > > when the kernel gets gzipped the mouse pointer under X freezes for as
> > > long as gzip runs. So I did a gzip < /dev/zero > /dev/null and was really
> > > surprised, when the whole machine stopped. I couldn't stop the process,
> > > login via ethernet, nothing. I had to reset it.

> > If that is true, then the machine should also hang from a simple
> > for (;;) ;
> > does it?

> Wouldn't that mean that _every_ process hangs the box before terminating?

No. only, if it never calls a kernel function that will check for a
pending reschedule and then call schedul() if required.

Thus most "normal" programs should be unaffected. However those that do
almost only calculations or such will be.

I am a bit surprised that the gzip example "works", as it will read/write
/dev/null and /dev/zero from time to time. I assume the kernel doesn't
explicitly check for need_resched here, because the requests are small
enough ?

CU, Andy

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