Re: HOWTOs in _one_ file?

Thomas Pornin (
Mon, 18 May 1998 09:57:24 +0200

In article <> you write:
>I want to upgrade my HOWTOs. But they seem to be in several hundred
>files which I simply can't make myself write a Perl script to download.
>Where can I find them in one (or two) tgz or tbz2 files?

RedHat did that. You may find the howto-5.0-5.noarch.rpm package on your
favorite RedHat mirror.

Alternatively, many cool ftp sites may set up the tgz file for you. If
you want to get the contents of the foo/ directory, try "get foo.tar.gz"
in your ftp session. It is possible that the ftp server will kindly
create the .tar.gz fil and send it to you.

To go even simplier, try using the "mget" command to get multiple files
with one commande. The "prompt" command is used to disable the confirmation
request for each file downloaded.

--Thomas Pornin

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