Re: pppd broken in 2.1.102?

Martin Mares (
Mon, 18 May 1998 13:55:35 +0200

> The fourth machine is the same configuration as the other three but has
> an External USR modem instead of a NIC.
> It used to be running 2.1.97, so I had previously upgraded the pppd to
> 2.2.3(?).
> With 2.1.102 it seems that pppd is broken. The modem will loose carrier
> after a few seconds as if the remote side ppp is not 'syncing' with the
> local side. Switching back to the last kernel I had backed up on this
> machine (2.1.95) fixes this problem totally.

Known bug in kernel version string parsing in pppd. Just upgrade pppd
to current version.

Have a nice fortnight

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