2.1.102 crash

Ian and Iris (brooke@jump.net)
Mon, 18 May 1998 07:36:00 -0500

I had recently compiled GTK+, Mozilla, and Wine (all at once). I have
32mb and 32 swap. I was running X and Netscape (at the same time). After
all was done (and MOST things should have been marked clean) I tried
running swapoff -a. (You see, I share my win95 swap file with linux, and
I wanted to run xdos, which means umounting my c: drive). The machine
froze, with periodic short bursts of disk activity. Magic sysrq keys
worked, but the mouse did not. After several minutes of waiting, I
finally gave up and hit alt-sysrq-s, then u, then b (Best I could
remember for sync, umount, and boot). I still had to fsck (auto) and set
a dltime on an inode, though.

THUS: What kind of bad things can swapoff do when the swap-file is still
kinda full? When the kernel swaps stuff out, what must be done to
correctly "Flush" the swapfile? How long should this take? (p166mmx)

By the way, where is this list archived?

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