Re: "Segmentation fault" with isapnptools and glibc-2.0.6

Andreas Steffan (
18 May 1998 19:00:34 +0200

In article <>,
Dominik Stadler <> writes:

> So my question: what am I doing wrong, or what could be the cause of my
> error

Seems slightly off-topic, but here it goes:
I'm running 2.1.102 and glibc-2.0.6, built isapnp-1.13 myself, and
don't get segfaults. Sounds like you've mixed up libc-5 and glibc.
However, I can't get 16bit sound to work with my VibraX16 (SB16)
pnp-card. I get these messages:

Sound: DMA (output) timed out - IRQ/DRQ config error?

and the kernel oopses sometimes.

-- Andreas

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