Re: IDE strangeness under 2.1.x with SiS 5591 chipset

mlord (
Mon, 18 May 1998 13:26:43 -0400

David Mansell wrote:
> I've recently acquired a new motherboard with a SiS 5591 chipset
> (IDE controller identified as SIS5513) and Linux doesn't recognize
> the bus-mastering IDE controllers properly, it identifies them as
> 'ide2' and 'ide3' rather than 'ide0' and 'ide1.'
> It then detects and uses the first controller as ide0 (there is only
> one IDE device in the machine) and uses it as a standard controller
> (but I can't use hdparm to set dma mode). There is also strangeness
> with 'hdb' which it moans about even though I only have one hard
> disk.

This is all due to a deliberately-ignored bug I placed into ide-pci.c
when writing it (also known as an example of "laziness").

It only affects systems which fill in the IDE baseregs
with non-zero values when the controller is supposed to
be using "compatibility" mode (baseregs not used).

I'll send Linus a patch for 2.1.103.

the Linux IDE guy

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