Re: some tiny and dumb questions

Alan Cox (
Mon, 18 May 1998 19:55:17 +0100 (BST)

> The assembler shouldn't be required either. Perhaps binutils could
> ship with a proper tool. That would solve any portability problems.
> (portability? all ports must use ELF AFAIK, for exception support)

Perhaps you'd care to write it. Its not an unreasonable idea, and libbfd
has the right sort of abilities.

> > ugh. "Please throw 150K of symbols into my memory image".
> > I think not.
> I think so! FreeBSD, AIX, Digital Unix, and Solaris all do this.

FreeBSD does not
AIX does not
Digital Unix does not
Solaris does not

They have seperate symbol tables in the on disk kernel image not
in memory. You can achieve that in Linux by packing a symbol table on
the end of the image that is not loaded.

> used by the kernel keeps shrinking as the years go by. I'm quite
> sorry I ever complained about /dev/random being too big, since it is
> insignificant in 1998. The rest of the unix world is running 8 MB
> and 16 MB kernels now.

And thats one reason they are history. Look at the palmpilot support
Linux is moving -down- market and thats the right direction to aim.

> > If its packed into the zImage file you can pull them out
> What about network boot?

They still have a zImage file somewhere. What about an NFS boot
under BSD or Solaris 8)


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