Re: ppp problems in 2.1.102

Alex Buell (
Mon, 18 May 1998 18:40:06 +0000

mlord wrote:

> But I have a script which then loops and tries again,
> and always succeeds on second attempt.

That's quite strange because I have pppd-2.3.5 and v2.1.102 kernel both
running perfectly on my 486DX4/100,and connects first time. Could those
of you having problems with pppd-2.3.5 on 2.1.102 list your
hardware/software configuration and see if there's some commonality
somewhere. MY 486DX4/100 is a VESA LB enabled motherboard with twin
16550 UARTs on a VESA Super I/O card. Modem is a UK USR Courier 33k6
(flashed to X2) set to Bell for use in the States (works well!)

Versions of software:
Kernel-2.1.102 with ppp compiled as a module

I use ttyS0 as the replacement for cua0 (I need to recompile minicom to
use ttyS0 soon!)

Oh, and check your ppp scripts. Lastly, if you've got route -add on v2.1.10x kernels, take it out of your rc.init scripts. It's
enabled by default (I think!)


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