Re: 2.1.102: ipchains: REJECT does only DENY - network gurus please

Steffen Zahn (
Mon, 18 May 1998 20:44:49 +0200

>>>>> "ak" == ak <> writes:

ak> Masquerading rules don't send ICMP messages.

ak> But there is another problem I first did think of. It means that
ak> Linux 2.1 will never send "normal" DEST_UNREACH/NET_UNREACH
ak> messages because that code uses icmp_send too. So we need to solve
ak> it.

That is exactly my problem. In the case of offline operation the server
also drops all masquerading rules. And even if I don't use firewall
reject rules and just have no route to a destination B set on the server
the client A will not get anything back (Network unreachable etc.)
if A tries to reach B via the server.

Sorry if I did not make this clear enough.


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