Re: Boot Logo Questions....

Riley Williams (
Mon, 18 May 1998 20:46:57 +0100 (BST)

Hi Gerd.

>> {Shrug} For some reason, when I select a Linux kernel image from
>> LILO that has "vga=ask" in the relevant block, I get a list of
>> supported text modes. I would presume that the addition of a list
>> of graphics modes for use in this context would be provided the
>> same way...but then, I'm only a naive systems programmer, not
>> somebody likely to know things like that...

> Well, I hav'nt the graphics modes in the menu, but if I hack in the
> number of a existing one, my box boots up in graphics mode...

At least I was right about that. Now, can you possibly answer the
other parts of the question for me:

Q> If LILO puts the monitor in graphics mode before handing
Q> control over to the Linux kernel image:
Q> 1. Does the kernel leave the display in the selected graphical
Q> mode, or switch it back to a text mode?
Q> 2. Assuming the kernel leaves the display in the selected
Q> graphical mode, does the kernel image still display all the
Q> boot messages as normal in the graphical environment?
Q> 3. Assuming both of the above to have been answered positively,
Q> are the displayed boot messages readable, either as a result
Q> of them scrolling the screen, or of each line clearing the
Q> space under it before writing the relevant text?

Best wishes from Riley.

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