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On Mon, May 18, 1998 at 05:52:19PM -0400, Phil's Kernel Account wrote:
> I'm sure the maintainers do everything they can to stop assholes like
> this. I've already emailed abuse, postmaster, and root If
> you're pissed off about it, you should do the same, not complain that the
> occasional spam gets through.
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Well something that usually can be done with mailing lists to stop spammers is
to enforce subscribers-only posting. Where, obviously, only subscribers
can post to the list. Quite often spammers don't bother to take the time
to subscribe to a list before they spam it. Course it can cause a little
more work for the list administrators, because if folks modify their
e-mail (or more likely their site changes something), then you'll have
people complaining about how they can post to the list anymore.

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