Freezes with 2.1.102 SMP

J. Maynard Gelinas (
Mon, 18 May 1998 20:16:21 -0400 (EDT)

Last night I experienced a serious hard lock up with 2.1.102 where my
machine just froze solid. Also, I've been seeing this same 'freezing'
behavior with networking on a regular basis, but the machine often comes
back to life by dropping and restarting the interface. Here's what I've

Tyan 1662D motherboard with two PPRO 180's
Symbios Logic (NCR 53C8XX driver) SCSI controller (PCI)
S3/968 4MB/VRAM video card (PCI)
Intel EtherExpress 16 net card (ISA)
MAD16 based audio card (ISA)
RH5 with glibc-2.0.6, and the usual updates recommended on linuxhq

OK, this system works just fine with 2.0.33 (no big surprise there),
but I've seen the 2.1.9x to 2.1.10x kernels regularly lock up when doing
large disk transfers from one filesystem to the next, and when doing large
data transfers across the net. 2.1.102 is a _big_ improvement over the 9x
kernels in SCSI performance and reliability, but it's still locking up
when I bang on the network.

For example, if I NFS mount a filesystem from another linux box and
copy a very large file (like an id.pak file from quake 2), networking
often hangs before finishing the transfer. If I then drop the interface
and bring it back up my entire machine will 'hang' for half a minute or so
and then come back to life. It won't take interrupts from other devices
like serial interfaces: getty's die and mouse activity freezes. Of course
there's no networking, but I've seen local SCSI disk transfers continue!

The strangest thing I've noticed is that when I've got a transfer
going (say ftp), and decide to initialte another TCP connection (say web)
somewhere else, networknig almost _always_ freezes as I've described.
Sometimes when it 'hangs' like this it never comes back. Last night I
had to do a hard reset after it froze and I waited a good 30 minutes
(cooking dinner) for it to come back to life. Didn't happen. Are other
folks seeing this behavior as well?

Hope this helped someone!
J. Maynard Gelinas

ps - hey, someone fixed the broken drivers/sound/Makefile for linking
Mad16 support into the kernel proper! Thanks!

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