Re: The Linux console is a broken implementation of ISO 2022 (LONG)

Raul Miller (
Mon, 18 May 1998 21:48:55 -0400

H. Peter Anvin <> wrote:
> I have a little hard time figuring out exactly what you're saying,
> especiall your last sentence. Could you please try again?

Maybe it's me that doesn't understand right.

As I understand it, currently, when you specify a character set (or
codepage or font or announcement or ... -- I've not studied ISO 2022 yet
to be sure which way the terminology is bending at the moment) you're
only specifying the "shift-out" version of the character set -- what you
get after the console hits a ^O command. What you get after the console
hits a ^N command is fixed.

As I understand it, ISO 2022 indicates that what you get after
you hit a ^N should be a part of the character set definition.

It seems to me that we could grandfather the current behavior by
declaring that it is a property of the font (rather than being a
property of the console). That is: if you need the current behavior,
it's up to you to have the right character set (font, whatever) loaded.


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