Re: Are applications for Linux platform specific?
Tue, 19 May 1998 01:04:34 -0400 (EDT)

> I'm talking about apps in binary format, executables, made for
> Linux. Will they run in any hard with Linux? I guess... not, but
> may be someone can assure me that.
> jose

Use common sense and exercise your grey matter :-)
Computers are fast, but they are not intelligent like you.

Assignment #1:
Given an object that could be "an instruction book" that contains
information on how to do something, you need to extract its
information, understand it, and do whatever it indicates.

The "instruction book" may be completely familiar to you
(a paperback book in your native language), or completely foreign
(an alien artifact). If you cannot handle the "instruction book"
yourself, you are allowed to find someone who can.

Detail all the steps involved in the above cases, and the case
where the object you are given is not "an instruction book".

Assignment #2:
The "instruction book" may refer to other "instruction books"
contained in a "library". Repeat assignment #1 with this
in mind.

P.S. The answer to your question is, "it depends on many things".
Any other answer would be inaccurate or incomplete.

Andrew E. Mileski

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