Re: (harmless?) race in module loading.

Chris Wedgwood (
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:26:31 +1200

> I would tend to disagree: if all the files involved are only writable by
> root, there is no reason why we shouldn't trust dynamicly loadable
> modules.

Yeah. After some thugh my argument was crap.

I was basing what I ssaid on the fact that for me modules are usually
serial, af_packet, etc.

But that said, I have module inet and unix sockets, so my argument is

Bad brain dump I guess.

> I certianly won't dissagree, however, if you are saying that anyone who
> can load _arbitary_ kernel modules is speical -- indeed, more powerful
> then even root without that power.

Actually, modprobe should probably check for this and refuse to load modules
where ((st_umode & 011) != 0).


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