Re: Hard lockup with 2.0.34pre15

Jens Lautenbacher (
19 May 1998 11:39:18 +0200 (Alan Cox) writes:

> > I have the same problem! My machine 2.0.34pre15 Adaptec2940U, 3c905, (And
> > SDL card with proprietary SDL Frame realy driver :-(( ) sometimes hangs
> > and sometimes corrupts some important file. Last it was bash and libc. :-(
> Was it hanging with the older SCSI driver and can you report this to the
> Adaptec 29xx driver maintainer so we can get a handle on any remaining AHA bugs

May I assume from this reply that my problems are considered to be
related to AHA bugs, too instead of corrupted disks or such?

I would really love to have our main server to be stable....


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