I/O Port problems

sameer (sameer@multitech.co.in)
Tue, 19 May 1998 16:51:22 +0530


Hope this isn't offtopic and/or xtremely stoooooopid.

I am currently starting to work on a device driver for a serial
interface card. I've been having problems regarding I/O ports. I haven't
been able to reset the card consistently on linux.

I boot via a dos floppy and do a reset (read and write to a
few ports) using debug.exe it works consistently. If i warm boot to
linux after carrying out such a reset in dos, a card reset works even
on linux !!! but not if i do a cold boot!!!

I am carrying out the I/O ops using the inw() and outw() macros
in "asm/io.h" to read a word from I/O ports on a 2.0.0 x86 Linux

Thanx a lot in advance,

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