Keyboard and Mouse patches for testing

Russell King (
Tue, 19 May 1998 21:05:54 +0100 (BST)

Hi Linuxers!

I have produced a patch to address certain issues in the character drivers
of the kernel. The patches can be found on my FTP site:

This is a tar of two patch files, made against 2.1.102 (but should be appliable
to previous kernel versions back to 2.1.9x):

1) kbd.diff - implements generic auto-repeat across all keyboard types.
Ok, so you say that the PC keyboard already autorepeats. There are
several disadvantages to keyboard autorepeats:

1. If you have a keyboard switch box between many machines,
and you reboot a machine, you find that the keyboard autorepeat
has been reset for you. This is the situation I have at work,
with up to four machines connected to one keyboard.
2. I find the given keyboard autorepeat rates too limiting.

This patch is not totally complete yet - you can't set the repeat
rate yet. However, the plan is to snoop the kbdrate's port accesses
initially to maintain compatability (to follow).

2) mse.diff - busmouse-based driver cleanup.
This patch pulls all the common code out into mouse.c, and presents
an (almost) unified interface to the user programs. Note! For a
particular mouse type, the user program should notice little difference.
This does fix SMP race conditions in the mouse driver, as well as
improving the select() response.

Any constructive comments are welcome.

Could ppl please try these patches out where relevent, and let me know the
success/failure stories please? Thanks.
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