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Hi there! :)

#I would like to address the topic of naming of devices. Currently, we
#have two serious problems:

I'm only going to address the first, since I'm VERY close to running into

#1. It appears that Linux can support a maximum of 16 SCSI hard drives
#per system, according to devices.txt.
#This is a serious issue as we would like to have more than that on
#some machines but the OS does not appear to support that. The
#allocated block of device numbers appears to have no support for more.

If this is correct, then we definitely have a problem. UW SCSI supports up
to 15 SCSI ID's, with one being reserved for the card. You add in another
UW SCSI controller, max both, that's 8 drives you can't use. Not pretty if
you're trying to build a software RAID stack. Or a massive RAID stack off
a DAC960 5 channel. :(

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