Re: SCSI lockups in 2.1.101

David Woodhouse (
Wed, 20 May 1998 02:40:30 +0200 said:
> David Woodhouse wrote:
> > When trying to use a SCSI scanner under 2.1.101, connected to an Adaptec
> > AHA2940UW contrioller, I've twice got a complete lockup.
> Doubtful that 5.0.15 will help this. This looks reminiscient of a spin_lock
> mis-use/abuse that's locking the machine up. Try 2.1.102 instead as it may
> be related to the need to send an abort for a lost command.

Well, I tried scanning the same area twice in 2.1.101 and it locked up both
times. I've just scanned it twice in 2.1.102 without mishap.

Hardly conclusive, but enough to stop me being worried about it. I'll keep an
eye on it.


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