Re: Linux makes the New York Times...

Marty Leisner (
Tue, 19 May 1998 20:23:09 PDT

In message <>, y
ou write:
>Today's NY Times, with it's many pages devoted to the Microsoft debacle,
>has a picture of a man holding a Linux Software box and the caption
>reading that he has gone to it (Linux) as an alternative because it is
>more stable...

Here's the quote (from

Down the aisle from the Nolfes, for instance, Jack Price, 43, browsed the software boxes
marked Linux, a competing operating system to Microsoft's Windows, which runs on 90
percent of the world's personal computers. He said he used Windows, but had heard Linux,
which cost about $25 compared to $100 for Windows, crashed less often.

"We need more competition," said Price, an administrator at California's environmental agency.
"I've heard that a lot of the programs they have they've bought or stolen from others. I'm voting
with my dollars here."

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